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What is a marketing Agency?

Marketing Agency is a full-service marketing and communications firm that delivers strategies to help you achieve your business goals. Over agency work in many services are Digital MarketingMobile app developmentweb development, Enterprise search technologyERP/ CRM Mobile integrationChatbot development, and AI/ Ml development. These services help you to grow your business in the online market. From the initial branding of your company to creating an effective marketing plan, we work hand in hand with you to build strong relationships with companies, consumers, and media outlets to enhance our reputation. Our team comprises creative advertising professionals and marketing strategists who understand how to best use WordPressmobile app development, and digital marketing to maximize business exposure.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing explains the way to use digital media techniques to effectively communicate with your target audience. It covers everything from creating a message that draws attention, to deliver that message in a way that motivates action and results in customer loyalty. Our digital marketing agency also does digital marketing specifically developed to satisfy the needs of our clients and aid in the expansion of their enterprises. Our marketing agency can pique your target audience’s attention with the proper time and content. Additionally, we will take care of all facets of your online presence, including email marketingprogram optimizationwebsite design, hosting, and social media management.

WordPress website development

WordPress website design

Website development may be a service for people who want to create a website that has been built using the WordPress platform. This platform allows you to make a website easily with minimal effort and disruption. Our marketing agency also does WordPress website developmentdesigning, and building websites. The primary step in this process is to define a theme. A WordPress website is meant to use a custom theme that has been created or installed by you or your web developer (or both). This theme could also be based on one of the thousands of free themes available online, or purchased from a premium theme store like Theme Forest. Once you’ve got created an attractive website design and chosen a suitable theme, you’ll need to customize it to your specific needs. 

Mobile app development

Mobile app development may be a process of creating apps that work not only on a smartphone or tablet but also on an internet-connected device, including smart TVs and game consoles. samples of these are Apple’s iOSAndroid, and Windows Phone platforms, also as BlackBerry and Blackberry 10. Mobile applications typically have their code base break away from a website. Our marketing agency also does mobile app Development. we will help you designbuild, and deliver mobile apps that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. From app design to monetization, we take a unique approach to developing high-quality mobile applications for leading brands and businesses worldwide. Our team is hooked on mobile application development, and we have the proven experience to bring your ideas to life. Our goal is to supply you with a polished app that represents your company’s branding and mission while delivering user-friendly functions.


Enterprise search Technology

Enterprise Search technology could also be a set of the search engine, and processing capabilities that employment together to allow for powerful, flexible ways to seem through large amounts of structured and unstructured data. Xapstor provides enterprise search solutions for businesses by combining the best-ever, on-premises program with a complicated analytic index. Enterprise Search Technology may be a powerful and flexible search solution that helps you discover the best results for any type of web application. Use it to make powerful and full-featured online applications, or integrate it into your existing applications. The Enterprise Search Technology API allows companies to regulate data in XML documents which are submitted to the API by calling HTTP requests.


ERP/CRM Mobile Integration

The ERP/CRM Mobile Integration is a web application that collects data from your ERP/CRM via text message, phone call, or other communication form and presents it on a user-friendly mobile interface. Our system allows you to manage customer interactions between employees and customers on their mobile devices and also record and track customer events in real-time. We also provide every business with intelligent reporting functionality to help your current and future managers in making decisions based on data. This service works together with your connected ERP/CRM system to provide mobile devices access to the important data in your business, like invoices, purchase orders, and tracking information. It also allows you to stay your records up to date for ready access on your smartphones!


Chatbot development

ChatBot Development is developing a chatbot that can be used in different applications and supported in different languages. The application will include a chatbot to help businesses increase their online sales. To make this more effective, it will need a voice recording booth where customers can record their voice files and use them during their chats. We provide chatbot solutions for companies in Armenia and the wider region. Our team of experts will send a recommendation system that works hands-on, tells you when to shop next, suggests your products, and offers payment facilities including Visa and MasterCard, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.   

AI and Ml development

AI and machine learning development are key areas for us at The Growth Hub. We are a team of front-end and backed developers, with data scientists, designers, and project managers working together to help you create great products that use the latest technology. If you have an idea and are keen to build a world-class AI/ML production pipeline, our experienced specialists can provide you with the right tools. Our holistic approach to data and analytics help you design effective solutions that you can use for your business. We’re here to help you deliver advanced and cutting-edge technologies to exceed your ambitions.

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