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Signity Solutions is one of the leading mobile app development companies in the US with our offices in India, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. We have developed some of the most complex and challenging mobile apps for businesses that have driven growth, reduced costs, and won more customers. We have built native and cross-platform apps that resulted in thousands of installs and have reached millions of users.

Our successful mobile apps deliverables have been supported by the fact that our repeat business track record is over 80%.

Years of Experience
Mobile Apps Built
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Transform Your App Development Idea Into Smarter Solution

We are an end-to-end mobile app development company, focusing on designing and engineering mobile-first businesses. Our passionate bunch of mobile app developers creates innovative software solutions and awesome cross-platform apps, each one bespoke to you, your challenge, and your users.

We start by interviewing your stakeholders, do research, analyze, and review your existing data. That will lead us to deeply understand what opportunities exist and what it takes to utilize them

App Development Services We Offer

Our services include a full-stack mobile app development process from inception to live, delivered by expert app developers in the industry. Our delivery professionals provide robust, scalable, and secure applications adhering to the timeline.

We won’t let your app get lost among hundreds of generic apps released every day. In fact, we ensure to take up the right technology and approach to capture your space in the competitive market.

iOS Development

Our expert iOS developers ensure to build high-performance iPhone apps that are both engaging and monetizing. With our capabilities, we not only develop your app but strategize your entire product lifecycle to leverage long-term business growth.

Android Development

We help develop intuitive Android apps ranging from custom applications to enterprise-level. Our app developers make the best use of the Android SDK platform and mobile app development tools to build secure and user-friendly Google Play Store apps.

Progressive Web Apps

Develop an installable app-like experience for desktop and mobile that can be delivered directly via the web. PWAs are highly responsive and have a single code base for different mobile app development platforms. Consider building web apps for a progressive tomorrow.
Complete Mobile App Development Solutions

We follow an architecture that correctly amalgamates various aspects of mobile app development process (sporadic connectivity, device form factor, variable bandwidth, user experience, and multi-platform support) and delivers you a “Complete Mobile App Solution”.

Whether it is cloud or on-premise system, we develop frictionless UX for your mobile app with high-grade performance and security.

Digital Strategy

We build a digital strategy that accurately measures your mobile development spend and the cost to acquire and retain your mobile users.

iPad, iPhone & Android

As a top iOS app development agency, we have created polished mobile apps for every industry delivering more than 200+ mobile applications in the App Store for every device.

Intuitive User Interface

We develop and design creative, and innovative mobile apps that have the ability to clearly announce your brand story and leave a mark on the audience.
You Don't Need Just a Developer, You Need a Partner

We deliver exceptional application development solutions tailored to your business needs. Connect with us today and get started with full-stack mobile app development.

Enterprise Mobile App Development
We offer enterprise app development services to large-scale industries for streamlining the workflow, boosting the team’s performances, improving customer experience, and providing convenient and quick access to the organization’s knowledge base.

You not only hire an app developer, but also a partner to successfully build an enterprise mobile app that delivers a set of solutions to prevent unauthorized access and provide insights on employee performance, KPI charts, financial metrics, and asset analytics. With our expertise in mobile application development, we invite you to discover your organization’s capabilities.

Process Managed By Dedicated Scrum Team
As an exclusive product owner, we work on agile scrum methodology and rapid prototyping for developing your mobile app. Our scrum experts break down the entire mobile app development process in Sprints that can be covered within two weeks.

Our scrum sprints workflow includes:

Quickly Grow Your Business

Leverage Our Decade-long Expertise In Mobile App Development.

How To Choose A Mobile App Development Company?

Choosing a good mobile app development agency is not easy. One needs to consider a lot of factors, such as reputation, experience, pricing, and more while opting for the right mobile app developers.

Signity Solutions has been listed as the top mobile app development company by GoodFirms, Clutch, and SoftwareWorld. Our 5-star reviews say the truth about the work we did for our valuable clients. We have developed mobile apps that have thousands of installs and millions of users. And our esteemed users have been greatly benefiting in terms of ROI and audiences.

We are not pitching but making you aware of our capabilities and how we can help create a mobile app that will truly show your brand story and make your app a new business tool. However, you should always perform thorough market research before hiring an app agency.

How We Work

Agile Model & Methodology

For Process adaptability & customer satisfaction

Deep Technology Expertise

For enhanced and vibrant project ecosystem

Product Mindset

To understand and implement the potential of the product

Effective Communication

For positive and constructive feedback

Full Transparency

Availability of full information without hidden aspects

Intellectual property protection

To help protect your valuable entrepreneurship
What To Choose: Android, iOS, or Both?

Confused about building an app for Android or iOS for your business? Well, the fight between Android and iOS is never-ending, even though Google’s Android comprises 88% of the market but you cannot ignore the fact that the iOS app has more monetization capabilities. To know more about the advantages of building the app for both the platform you could read our blog on creating an app for both iOS and Android.

In order to decide whether to build an Android app or an iOS app, first, our expert mobile app developers consider 5 main factors – your audience, product timeline, required app features, the budget of the app, maintenance of the app, and your revenue goals. Once the first version of the app is established and successfully launched then we can go ahead with the next mobile app platform.

Leaving the nitty-gritty of mobile app development apart, we have recognized the emerging new technologies and successful features

of a mobile app that makes them trending in the competitive market. Some of the mobile app features that we are great at are:

Push Notifications

Push notifications, alert your users about your product or services by sending notifications or news, and fosters customer engagement.

Seamless Payments

Frictionless fully integrated payment solutions that offer a seamless checkout experience without any glitches.

Scalable Solutions

Helps in turning prototypes and blueprints into scalable solutions for enhanced performance of the apps. So that additions do not hamper the current.

Multilingual apps

With the multilingual feature, allow localization of the app to reach more markets by launching your app with multiple language options.

Mapping & Geolocation

We have existing APIs, when integrated with your app display the geographic location of a user or device exactly on the map.

Intellectual property protection

To help protect your valuable entrepreneurship
Industries We Serve

Regardless of the industry, business objective, or technology, Signity has served a variety of niches when it comes to developing mobile apps.

Some of the verticals we provide mobile app development services include:

Charity & Nonprofit

Education & Training

Disaster Preparedness

Enterprise App Development

Health & Fitness

Pharma & Healthcare

Retail & Ecommerce

Energy & Utilities

Social Cause & Campaign

Automobile & Transportation

How Much Does App Development Cost?

Currently, mobile apps have a great influence on everyday life – work, industry, transport, and energy management. It is estimated the Global app revenue to reach $39 billion in 2019 and with a 15% increase every year.

But how much does it cost to make an app for your business?

As a leading mobile app development agency, we receive this question quite a lot. But we must tell you that there are several building blocks of cost estimation for mobile app development and a lot of factors influence it.

Our team at Maxcore will send you a cost estimation of your app according to your requirements at the very beginning of your project. If you are concerned about the budget, you may follow a couple of ways to reduce overhead costs of iOS and Android mobile app development throughout your app development process.

Technology Stack

We are extremely selective about mobile app frameworks, technologies, platforms, and database choices that we opt for our clients.








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